AR-15 Upper Clam Shell Vise Block

AR-15 Upper Clam Shell Vise Block

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AR15 Upper Receiver Vise Block

This AR15 Upper Receiver Vise Block is a vital tool that enables the user to securely clamp an upper receiver into a bench vise without fear of crushing, twisting or damaging it in order to perform critical assembly, dis-assembly or maintenance tasks.

It is ideal for use in torquing barrel nuts to the proper spec, attaching or detaching a muzzle device, and is even useful for cleaning a rifle’s bore properly from the muzzle end with a cleaning rod.

Manufactured from durable, solvent resistant black polymer, the clamp is compatible with A2 Uppers with an Integral Carry Handle as well as A3 Flattop Upper Receivers.


Product Description

  • Constructed of Light Weight Glass Filled Polymer
  • High Strength And Light Weight
  • Non Marring Polymer Surface
  • Two Piece Design Allows for easy Storage
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