Two Point Sling

Two Point Sling


Product Description

  • 2 Point - 1 Point Bungee Sling
  • 1 1/4" Heavy Duty High Strength Nylon Straps
  • QD Reinforced Duraflex Polymer Buckles
  • Steel HK Style Hook Adaptors With Bungee Elastic Covers
  • Dual Bungee Construction
  • Black Color



This 2 point/1 point sling can be used as a 2 point sling to have the rifle rest in front of you or behind you. By unhooking the hook from the front of your rifle and hooking it to the rear, this sling becomes a 1 point sling, making your rifle readily available in front of your chest. It features a QD buckle that can be removed to immediately drop your rifle if it becomes unusable.


  • 1 x Double Point Sling
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